The current classes held at ‘The Kave’

 The classes we currently have available at ‘The Kave’ Martial Arts Studio in Portchester

Here is more information on our current exciting classes

Classes are subject to availability – please check our class timetable for more details.

mixed_adult_kickboxingAdults Mixed Kickboxing – (CMA)

A high octane, fat burning and muscle building workout for those aged 16 and over. This lesson is ideal if you are looking to lose weight and tone up.

You will not only build up your strength, but also your strength of character and mind.

Over time the techniques learned (which consist of punching and kicking combinations) will help improve your core strength, your all round fitness, co-ordination and stamina.

With dedication and patience to this art along with a complimentary diet you will find yourself more alert with more energy to participate in the other many activities in your life. The progressive levels of fitness you will achieve can assist you in obtaining belt grades at gradings as you work your way up to the level of black belt in our syllabus.

The lesson involves a basic warm up, cardio exercises, strength conditioning exercises, stretching, pad-work, semi-contact sparring (optional). There is also the option to compete in amateur level competitions.

kids_kickboxing_classesKids Kickboxing Club – (CMA)

A fun and energetic workout for younger children aged from 5 years upwards. This is a constructive lesion which incorporates thinking and co-ordination into the mixture. An ideal entry point to introduce your child to the world of martial arts without the pressure of belt grading’s. However, for the more dedicated and interested students junior belt grading’s are available.

Our children’s class is devised to help improve your child’s concentration and awareness. This in turn can help boost your child’s confidence in learning how to deal with difficult or uncomfortable situations. Often resolved without the need for violence or tears. Your child will be physically and mentally conditioned in the art of Kickboxing using pads and will have no physical contact with other students at this stage in their training.

It’s not only just about Kickboxing, as your child will have the opportunity to participate in fun team building games whereby they must work as part of a team. You can rest assured that your child is closely supervised by our instructors at all times and we do not tolerate bullying of any kind.


Mixed Martial Arts / MMA Fundamentals – (CMA)

This class is for those wishing to obtain a very high level of fitness, or maybe looking to compete at amateur level MMA events such as inter-clubs with other club members from different clubs from surrounding areas.

In this lesson you will learn the complete fighting system which consists of stand up striking with kicks and punches, taked owns, locks and holds based on Ju-Jitsu and also grappling and ground techniques taken from wrestling.

MMA is a fast paced sport that is growing ever popular around the world. Thanks to franchises such as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

MMA is a great way to get fit and learn techniques suited for ground fighting. Learn how to turn defence into attack and develop your ground game.

Not just for fighters and beginners are welcome.

street-self-defenceStreet Self Defence – (TBA)

You will learn how to handle yourself and boost your self awareness of potentially hostile situations and how to avoid them from escalating in the first place.

These technqiues are more than suitable for self defence on the street when running away is not an option. Learn how to turn an attack into a counter strike and disarm a hostile opponent in a matter of seconds with minimal effort. This class uses techniques taken from Wing Chun, and Krav Maga.

Learn how to spot the signs of an attack and the various ways you can handle them. Also learn where the bodies pressure points are and how manipulation of these sensitive areas can assist you in escaping from an otherwise serious confrontation.

These techniques are suited to anyone of any walk of life regardless of age, shape and size.

Street self defence is taught on the principle that your first line of defence is to avoid the confrontation by not aggravating the situation and walking away if you can. Always stay safe.