Frequently Asked Questions section

 The answers to some of the most common questions asked about our club

As a new student what kind of clothing would I need to wear?

It is advised that due to the nature of the activities that you wear loose fitting clothing such as tracksuit or jogging bottoms and a t shirt. During summer months loose fitting shorts may be preferred. If you train on a regular basis you would be advised to invest in appropriate training clothing such as Kickboxing bottoms or MMA shorts if you wish to do MMA.

What kind of kit do I need to buy?

It is preferable to purchase the appropriate training wear such as shorts or Kickboxing bottoms, and you will need a set of finger less mitts or boxing gloves (16oz) for pad work. It is also a good idea to purchase a good quality mouth guard such as the Shock Doctor and also instep guards. These items are available on request at our club. Talk to a member of staff for more details.

Do I have to be physically fit to join your club?

No, as we cater for all levels of fitness. Most of our senior members started off unfit and overweight and through continuous training have built up and developed their fitness. We believe anyone can start at any point in their life and we will not judge you as we have to start somewhere. For the most part the hardest aspect of starting training is having the confidence to walk through the door.

What age groups do you cater for?

We teach juniors at age 5+ years and adult classes are open to those aged 16+.

Will I be expected to fight in local tournaments?

None of our students are forced to fight in tournaments. It is purely a matter of choice. Most students turn up and train purely for reasons for fitness, enjoyment and achievement. However, some students feel that in order to better themselves they feel that they can better test their ability against an opponent of a similar level of skill. The tournaments entered are usually local amateur events so the risks of serious injury associated are very minimal and very safe. These events are very strictly controlled and monitored by professionals.

Do I have to pay an annual membership fee?

Yes, an annual membership fee is required upon registration and must be renewed every year. This fee covers your insurance against injury and is mandatory. Currently the membership fee is £30 per year.

What is training going to cost me?

As with all new students, who may join in a middle of the month, we charge £7.50 per 2 hour lesson on pay as you go. However, after an initial settling in period we request that all students who are serious about training regularly pay the monthly training fee of £42. This enables you to participate in up to 4 lessons per week in Kickboxing / MMA and Sambo. The training fee for the month is to be paid at the start of each month in advance. Those who pay monthly will have the added option to use the gym during off peak periods at the discretion of a member of staff / key holder.

I’ve seen lots of other clubs offering MMA and Kickboxing lessons so how does your club differ?

CMA does not try to be a UFC boot camp or something that it’s clearly not. We are different because unlike some other clubs our club is small and friendly with fewer overheads so we can afford to keep our training fees lower and pass these savings on to you, which makes our club a great value for money venue to train at. We do not get you to sign up for things you don’t need and will never use. Training need not cost a fortune at CMA, which is good in this current economic climate.