Kickboxing Gradings & Our Syllabus

Information about our grading system

Gradings are currently held for Kickboxing only and are held every 6 months atThe Kave Martial Arts Studio at a senior instructor’s discretion.


The grading syllabus we use works to assess the students striking technique and accuracy, cardio fitness, ability to guard themselves against attack and balance on their feet.

It also works for the assessment of set punching and kicking combinations that must be completed successfully and accurately in order to progress to the next belt level.

As the belt levels increase so does the demand for cardiovascular stamina and physical fitness as you are required to demonstrate your ongoing consistency with the lower belts.

For Example: If you are a Green belt and attempting your Orange belt, you first have to demonstrate your ability with the Yellow and Green Belt criteria before attempting the Orange Belt Level.

Only once this criteria is satisfied will you advance to the next level and be awarded your new belt.

Our grading system works as follows:

Belt Level Grade Level Objectives Learned Grading Criteria
Black 9 SENIOR INSTRUCTOR Confidence & ability to teach classes unaided. Complete knowledge of the Syllabus. Complete awareness of all techniques & teaching ability & Written essay.
Brown & White 8 INSTRUCTOR Stamina focused. Practical demonstration on knowledge. extended semi-contact sparring & pad work. Guard. Stance. Speed. Power. Technique. Practical Demo.
Brown 7 ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR Adds advanced Jumping Spinning Kicks into combinations. Guard. Stance. Speed. Power. Technique. Balance.
Purple 6 SENIOR Adds Shadow Boxing. Breathing Control. Free Combos & Controlled Sparring ability. Guard. Stance. Technique. Stamina. Balance.
Blue 5 Adds more advanced Spinning Kicks. Knee & Elbow strikes. Guard. Stance. Technique. Balance.
Orange 4 INTERMEDIATE Adds basic Spinning kicks. Guard. Stance. Technique.
Green 3 Starts intermediate Kick & Punch combinations. Guard. Stance. Technique.
Yellow 2 Single basic Kicks & Punches. Technique.

Additional Information:

Level 1 – Is the belt level you are considered to be at when you first start training with us.

Level 2 – Focuses on single basic striking techniques of punches and kicks.

Level 3 – Takes the basics learned in ‘Level 2’ and puts them together into basic sets of combinations.

Level 4 – Takes ‘Level 3’ a step further and starts to incorporate some basic spinning kick techniques.

Level 5 – Builds onto ‘Level 4’ with more spinning punch and kick techniques and works to access balance.

Level 6 – Incorporates all of the punching & kicking combinations learned in ‘Levels 1 – 5’ and works to access key fitness and defence ability with shadow boxing, and light sparring.

Level 7 – Focuses on everything learned so far and puts together advanced combinations featuring advanced jumping spinning kicks. At this grade you can assist a senior instructor with some of the class content.

Level 8 – Builds more upon ‘Levels 1 – 7’ with even higher level advanced punching and kicking combinations. At this level you can teach classes unaided.

Level 9 – Is Senior Instructor level and the student will be tested on everything learned from ‘Levels 1 – 8’. You will also be required to demonstrate your ability to teach as an Instructor. This level will give you more freedom with teaching and also with the delivery of the lesson content.

Those who successfully pass their grading will be awarded their new colour belt along with a certificate of grade. For those who successfully pass their advanced level black belt grading, will be awarded with a specially designed black belt certificate.


Please Note:

The option to participate in Gradings is for REGISTERED MEMBERS ONLY who are paying their annual membership. This is due to legal reasons regarding your insurance. You must ensure that your membership is paid up to date prior to taking the grading. If your membership is not up to date you will not be able to participate. We appologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but please understand that this is a legal requirement for us and also for your own safety.

The senior grading instructor conducting the grading will assess the various criteria required in order for you to achieve your belt.

Those wishing to grade must turn up promptly (preferably 10-15 mins early) at the designated time and be ready to train on time.

Those wishing to train who currently hold a coloured belt are required to wear their belt at the time of grading so the senior grading instructor knows which new belt they are attempting.

Under all circumstances, the senior instructor(s) conducting the grading have complete authority and his/her/their decision is final.