Club Membership & Training Fees

 Information on how much our lessons and membership cost

Class Fees

Class / Activity PAYG Pay Monthly Duration Frequency Availability
Kickboxing / Mixed Martial Arts £7.50 Included 2 Hours 2 x Week See Timetable
MMA Fundamentals £5.00 Included 1.5 Hours 1 x Week See Timetable
Junior Kids Kickboxing Club £4.00 Not Included 1 Hour 1 x Week See Timetable
Sambo Wrestling £5.00 Included 1.5 Hours 1 x Week See Timetable
Exclusive use of Gym No Included Check Availibility Off Peak See Timetable
Kickboxing Grading See Below *See Note TBC Every 6 Months Grading Info

Grading Fees

Belt Grade Level Grade Level Cost on PAYG Discount Info
Yellow 1 BEGINNER £20.00 FREE (after 6 months)
Green 2 £25.00 FREE (after 6 months)
Orange 3 INTERMEDIATE £30.00 FREE (after 6 months)
Blue 4 £35.00 FREE (after 6 months)
Purple 5 SENIOR £40.00 50% Discount (after 6 months)
Brown 6 ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR £50.00 50% Discount (after 6 months)
Brown & White 7 INSTRUCTOR £75.00 50% Discount (after 6 months)
Black 8 SENIOR INSTRUCTOR £100.00 50% Discount (after 6 months)

NOTE: The prices and ruling concerning the Kickboxing grading fees have now changed.

Please see the table regarding grading fees for details of the new pricing structure.

Please also note that pay monthly students must have already paid their monthly training free at the start of each month for at least 6 consecutive months in order to be eligible for a FREE grading credit.

Note that FREE grading credits are only available up until the level of BLUE belt.  However, from PURPLE belt gradings onwards you will still receive a 50% discount on the grades from PURPLE to BLACK belt.

This is a necessary amendment to the pricing structure and is still highly competitive compared to other clubs who offer belt gradings.

Additional Information:

No obligation to join – Your First Lesson is FREE!!!

Yes, that’s right! Your first lesson is completely FREE! Try us out with complete freedom and with no obligation.

Annual membership

An annual membership fee is required upon registration and must be renewed every year. This fee covers your insurance against injury and is mandatory. Currently the membership fee is £30 per year. You are required to take out the membership before you can participate in contact activities such as semi-contact sparring. When you take out your annual membership with us you receive a complimentary CMA club T-shirt and a grading book for Kickboxing.

Pay as you go (PAYG) and Pay Monthly Plans

Currently we accept payment (per session) on pay as you go as well as pay monthly. Our pay monthly plan is currently set at £42.00 per month.

This must be paid in advance at the start of every month in order to qualify for our bulk lesson discount. Those who pay monthly in advance will have the special added option to train at our facility and use the equipment during off peak periods when lessons are not being conducted as per our regular lesson schedule.

You will have the option to participate in multiple training sessions per week. As an example training twice a week on a Monday and Thursday would cost you £60 for the month on PAYG. However, the monthly payment of £42 would give you a total saving of £18 a month!

WOW! This works out at around £5.25 per lesson! The more you train, the more you save when paying monthly.

Remember: Our Monday and Thursday Kickboxing / MMA lesson is for 2 hours. Most of our competitors will charge you £5+ just for a 1 hour lesson! You make even more of a saving if you also turn up for the other lessons in the week. Proof alone that our classes represent great value for money!

Please take a look at our pricing table (above) for an explanation on how our current payment schemes work.

*Note: Kickboxing Gradings and Grading Fees

All Kickboxing gradings are held every 6 months currently. In order to qualify for a ‘grading credit’ you must be on a pay monthly scheme for at least 3 consecutive months. This is the only exception to the rule. If you have not been paying for your monthly training regularly or if you are on PAYG then you will be required to pay the grading fee of £20.00 on the day of the grading.

NEW! Club loyalty scheme

Anyone who introduces a friend who goes on to take out a monthly contract with us (for a minimum of at least 3 consecutive months) will receive a FREE item of club clothing as either a CMA T-Shirt or a CMA Club Hoodie, or a piece of protective training equipment. For further information please contact a member of staff for more details.